Issue #32
#32 - On "Quiet Firing", Steven Spielberg -- and Redefining Career Success
August 26, 2022


#FairPoint #PlusCaChange

Last week we featured a term that had wended its way from Gen Z Tik Tok, to the popular press: "quiet quitting". We asked just how new the idea of doing the minimum required for a paycheck really was (not very). And how fair it was to expect people to do more than expected, without paying them more (also not very).

Today, this cheeky post from Reddit flips things around: what do you call it when someone does what's asked, but doesn't get a raise? "Quiet Firing."


#CareerSuccess #Reframing

This wonderfully compressed post manages to pack so much meaning into one illustration: two pie charts, and eight lines of text!

That we so rarely see a framework like this speaks to the death grip that "title and pay" have on the way we define success. Then again, concepts like wellness, meaning and impact have only recently entered the conversation in any meaningful way. And we suppose that's progress.

So we'd vote to add "company name" to the top chart, and things like "people", "flexibility" and "what you can learn", to the bottom one -- but we are all about a more nuanced template. ✌🏻


#LearningToTrust #SlowingDownToSpeedUp

Such a moving quote, on the way our inner voice only whispers, but never shouts. And the need to always be listening for it.

So why a quote on intuition and inner voice, in a newsletter about keeping up with the changing world of work?

Here's the thing: the world is changing, it is moving faster. It's throwing more and more noise and distractions at us. But the sound of our inner voice? That's staying at the same, low volume.

Which means that making the space to slow down, and the effort to pay attention to what we're seeing and feeling, is both harder -- and more important -- than ever.

Thus, per Usman in our opening, the value of something like a long -- and quiet -- walk on our own. 🙌🏻

Thanks for reading. 🙏🏻

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Work moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
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