Issue #26
#26 - On meaning and purpose at work, w/ help from George Bernard Shaw, and Joan Didion
July 15, 2022


#Meaning #Purpose #WorkHasChanged

It's behind a paywall, but this quote 👆🏻comes from a wonderful read on the various attempts over the years to define -- and achieve -- "meaningful work". We feature the article's opening lines here, not just for the dramatic anecdote, but because it reinforces what we are witnessing and experiencing right now cuts across multiple generations of workers.


#Meaning #Purpose

I mean, wow. 🤯 To say that this is aspirational for me is a wild, wild understatement. But Irish writer, critic and political activist George Bernard Shaw has at least given us something well-worth reflecting upon.


#Meaning #Purpose

Joan Didion, the American writer, is speaking broadly to a life well-lived ⬆, not specifically about work. But here's the thing, folks: most of us spend an awful lot of our lives -- at work.

And the impassioned plea of her speech, urging us not to settle -- "not to just pass through it" -- is a call we believe applies as much to work, as it does any other realm of life. Not to settle for an individual job we hold, yes; but also not to settle for, or be complacent about, the state of work more broadly.

Thanks for reading. 🙏🏻

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