Issue #23
#23 - On Belonging: spiritual crises; connection; and remote work -- for settling in?
June 24, 2022


#Belonging #Connection

I struggle to add much to such a searing take from the inimitable Brené Brown. Suffice to say it sets a harsh, but fair, baseline for where we find ourselves: in a moment of profound, collective human disconnection.


#Belonging #ConnectionAtWork

This is from McKinsey, but study after study of the "Great Resignation", a.k.a the "Great Questioning", a.k.a. the "Great Shift" finds that employees are craving connection and belonging at work. And remember, it's a need, so when people don't find it? They leave. Kudos to the companies and leaders building the muscles to ensure their teams feel that belonging; feel seen; feel included.


#Belonging #ConnectionAtHome #Remote #Community

So from nugget #1: we have a human need to connect, but learn that we're deeply disconnected right now. In bullet #2, we see the need to reconnect manifesting at work. Here in #3, we're reminded that the same need extends to home, too.

One of the oft-cited knocks on remote work is that it hinders our ability to belong -- at work. This Tweet stopped us in our tracks, because it brought the conversation from belonging at the office, to belonging at home. While also turning one of the tropes of remote work on its head: reframing it from a trend for nomads, to a trend of settling down; one that has the potential to ground us, and allow us to build closer ties and connections in our communities; one that affords us the space to belong -- in our homes.

Work moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
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