Issue #4
#4: On self-awareness, asking for what you want, remote work hacks
February 11, 2022

Hey gang!

Welcome to the end (ish) of the week, and to another edition of TalentStories.

As we wade through the content on the world of work each week, we're struck by by how often the content we find insightful ties squarely to self-awareness. This week we pulled nuggets that at first glance are about anxiety, remote work and negotiation. But take a look 👇, and you'll see that all three can also be seen through the lens of self-awareness. We hope you enjoy them.

See you next week.

Usman & Aki


Our take: Many of us have used some of these hacks over the past 2+ years, but we enjoyed this curated list from Marissa, the founder of a remote work startup. Click through to see her thread w/ details on each tip. (#5 in particular feels squarely like a function of self-awareness)

Our question: How many of the five tips do you use? Is there one that is especially helpful -- or that's not on the list?!


Our take: Ali frames these questions as "curiosity", but we read this more as encouragement to ask for what you want. So many times we assume the answer is "no", or don't ask out of fear. But learning to ask -- and to ask well -- can have a huge compounding affect on your career. And like Ali basically says: "Ya never know."

Our question: Do you think "just asking" is easier for some than others? Is it something that can be learned over time?


Our take: During such complex times, especially, self-awareness can really help us navigate the pace and ferocity of change.

On another level, things like storytelling, navigating our careers, interviewing, negotiation, you name it, all require introspection and self-awareness.

Our question: Do you find that self-awareness helps keep anxiety in check? How so?

Thanks for reading!

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