Issue #3
#3: On career perspective, career agency
February 04, 2022

Hi folks!

We trust you had a great week, and want to wish a Happy Lunar New Year to those observing the holiday. All the best for the year of the tiger!

We continue to tweak this newsletter, especially in the early going here, and your feedback and ideas have been fantastic. Do keep them coming, reply to us with any thoughts or suggestions, big or small. We'd love to hear from you!

Meantime we’ve curated a bevy of career-related nuggets this week. Taken together, they serve as a nice reminder of something we too often forget: the agency most of us have to be able to manage our careers with intent if we so choose.

See you next week.

Usman & Aki


Our take: One way to interpret this is through a diversity lens: if everyone around us is the same, the learning to be had is inherently limited. In the same vein, the risk of playing "the same game" for a long time is that it diminishes our ability to learn from new ones.

Our question: Is there someone in your life who you think is playing a slightly "different game"? Let them know, tag them into the conversation.


Our take: This is a great reminder not to over-dwell on the past, especially at the expense of optimism for the future. But looking at the green lines also makes us appreciate that there are so many different paths that we have the potential to take; and how often those paths are non-linear – but move us forward just the same.

Our question: How good are you at leaving behind the paths you didn't take? Do you allow yourself to get excited about the multitude of possibilities ahead?


Our take: This question is more important than ever -- because the opportunity cost of being in the wrong role, or company, is higher than ever. If your answer to "Would I join this company today in this role, given what I now know?" is, "Yes, absolutely" -- then fantastic. Shy of that, we think you owe it to yourself to at least ask why that is, and what else would make you more excited to come to work every day.

Our question: As an exercise, at least: have you ever asked: "Knowing what I now do, would I join this company in this role today?" What if you ask, and the answer is less than a resounding "yes"?

Thanks for reading! See you soon.

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